Personal Injury - Third Party Litigation

Sometimes workplace injuries involve a third party - someone other than your employer. The expertise of our Workers' Compensation attorneys, combined with that of our own personal injury attorneys or coordinated with the outside counsel whom we have carefully vetted will result in the best possible outcome for you. Just as FF&B is recognized by peer review of other attorneys as top lawyers in workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability, FF&B, too, looks for the very best attorneys with whom to associate in complex construction injury or medical malpractice cases. Working as team with the best outside attorneys is the proven model to achieve the best result.

FF&B has created a network of pain physicians, surgeons and chiropractors who are familiar with workers’ compensation and civil litigation. It is important that a knowledgeable team of professionals associate on your case. As is necessary, we employ vocational rehabilitation experts, investigators, attorneys, physicians, and engineers. Because FF&B has developed its expertise over many years and has established relationships with a multitude of professionals that may be called upon quickly, the best results may be obtained for you.

FF&B invites you to speak to us regarding your case. We will get you to the most experienced attorneys who have demonstrated to us that they have consistently achieved the best results.


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